Welcome to PaCT Portal

Welcome to PaCT Portal

PaCT Portal is a cloud based resource management & analytics tool developed by the Bangladesh PaCT program. PaCT Portal gives access to detailed insights on water & energy performance indicators, allowing textile wet processing facilities to take the path to productivity improvement, and long term business sustainability.

Key Features

Remain connected with our energy analysts from the EDA Centre and get offsite assistance whenever needed.

No need to install any software. Access your account from anywhere using any computers or smart devices.

Any deviation in EnPIs from benchmark value triggers the system to generate a flag via email and in-app alert message.

Get access to monthly reports with detailed insights from our Energy Analysts at the EDA Centre.

Access to industry/sector specific energy performance indicators for holistic performance benchmarking.

Access to equipment performance assessment tools for consistent and thorough energy performance evaluation.

Automatic calculations and update of basic Energy Performance Indicators "EnPIs" as soon as data entry is completed.

Option to choose from multiple reporting formats and download the same for any time frame.

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